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US Non-Combat Military Aircraft Accidents in 2002

Jan 10 US Air National Guard F-16 New Jersey, USA An F-16 with the New Jersey Air National Guard crashed near a busy highway during a training mission Thursday morning, and the pilot ejected safely, officials said. The pilot, based at the 177th Fighter Wing at Pomona, was found at Warren Grove, a 2,400-acre bombing range, officials said. The plane was not involved in a combat mission.
Jan 16 US Air National Guard F/A-18 Georgia, USA A military jet malfunctioned Wednesday as it was landing, veering off the runway and catching fire. The pilot was slightly injured as he ejected from the plane. The plane veered 260 feet off the runway and a small fire started on board. The jet's nose was considerably damaged, and it was unclear if the plane was salvageable.
Jan 17 USAF A-10 Arizona, USA Two military attack jets collided and crashed in the southern Arizona desert Thursday, the Air Force said. One of the pilots was killed. The single-seat A-10 Thunderbolt II jets, were on a training mission when the crash occurred. The pilots were assigned to the 355th Wing at the Tucson base. A third aircraft involved in the mission returned safely.
Feb 2 USAF C-21 South Dakota, USA A small military cargo and passenger plane crashed in a field outside Ellsworth Air Force Base after missing houses, and both airmen on board were killed. Their twin-engine C-21, a military version of a Learjet business aircraft, was based at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. The cause of the crash Saturday was not yet determined, Air Force officials said Sunday. No one on the ground was injured. Air Force officials identified the victims as Capt. Brian D. Rizzoli and 1st Lt. William B. Satterly. The crew and the aircraft belonged to the 47th Airlift Flight.
Feb 7 USN CH-46 Atlantic Ocean A U.S. Navy helicopter crashed into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Virginia on Thursday. The four crew members were rescued, and two suffered minor injuries, a Navy spokesman said. The CH-46 helicopter was conducting a resupply operation with the ammunition ship USNS Mt. Baker about 100 miles off Virginia's coastline when it went down at 10:24 a.m. EST. The CH-46 is assigned to the USS Seattle, an oil supply ship. The cause of the accident is under investigation.
Feb 15 USMC UH-1N California, USA A Marine helicopter crashed during a training exercise in California's Chocolate Mountain Range, killing two Marines and injuring two others, military officials said. The UH-1N helicopter, or Huey, went down at about 11 p.m. Thursday just west of Mount Barrow at the southeastern end of the range, officials said. A CH-46 Sea Knight helicopter that had accompanied the Huey flew the two survivors to Yuma Regional Medical Center in Arizona.
Feb 17 USMC F/A-18 California, USA A two-seat fighter jet crashed as it tried to land during a training exercise, killing one Marine and injuring another, a spokeswoman said. The crash took place shortly after 2 p.m. on Sunday at the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center, said Capt. Teresa Ovalle. The pilot and weapons system officer both ejected from the F/A-18 Hornet, she said. The pilot was treated at Robert E. Bush Naval Hospital and released. The crash happened about 135 miles east of Los Angeles. Both Marines belonged to the Second Marine Aircraft Wing in Beaufort, S.C., where seven F/A-18 squadrons are stationed.
Mar 9 USMC   Georgia, USA A U.S. Marine Corps helicopter crew member was missing on Saturday after the aircraft crashed off the coast of Georgia while searching for two victims of another helicopter crash, the Coast Guard said. A Marine helicopter searching for the other victim on Saturday crashed around 9 a.m. about 30 miles east of Brunswick. The Coast Guard cutter Yellowfin saw it go down and was on the scene in about four minutes, rescuing four of the five crew members. One of the four Marines rescued was flown to a hospital and was reported to be in stable condition while the other three were in good condition.
Mar 12 USN SH-60 Mediterranean Sea A Navy helicopter with a crew of three crashed into the Mediterranean Sea Tuesday morning while on a routine training flight, the Pentagon said. The Navy is searching for the crewmen from the SH-60B Seahawk that crashed at about 10:30 a.m. local time (3:30 a.m. EST) off the coast of Greece. The helicopter was operating from the destroyer USS Hayler, said Maj. Timothy D. Blair, a Pentagon spokesman.
Mar 21 USAF F-16 Germany A U.S. fighter jet on night maneuvers crashed in Germany near Trier, killing the pilot, the military said Thursday. The F-16 jet can carry a crew of one or two, but the pilot, from the 52nd Fighter Wing, was the only person aboard in the crash Wednesday evening, said Maj. Scott Vadnais, spokesman for the U.S. Air Force Europe. The plane went down about two miles outside Spangdahlem Air Base, near the Luxembourg border between the towns of Landscheid and Hof Hau, while on routine night maneuvers
Mar 28 USN UH-1 California, USA A Navy helicopter crashed Thursday in a snowy, remote area of the Sierra Nevada range, killing two crew members and injuring four, authorities said. The six Navy fliers were aboard an UH-1 Huey that went down atop Split Mountain in the Sequoia National Forest, about 100 miles north of Los Angeles. The helicopter had taken off from the China Lake Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division on a routine training flight, said Navy spokeswoman Doris Lance.
Apr 30 USAF F-15C Gulf of Mexico An Air Force F-15C Eagle fighter crashed in the Gulf of Mexico during a weapons testing flight. The plane flown by Maj. James A. Duricy, based at Eglin Air Force Base in the Florida Panhandle, crashed Tuesday about 60 miles south of Panama City. There was no indication whether the pilot was able to eject, said Col. Dennis Sager, commander of the 46th Test Wing, part of the Air Force's Air Armament Center at Eglin. The pilot was testing a newly developed air-to-air missile, but the weapon was unarmed and was not to be launched, Sanger said. A tanker and an F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter also participated in the test, but neither was nearby when the F-15 crashed.
May 4 USN SH-60 Pacific Ocean Three crew members were rescued when their helicopter crashed at sea during training exercises, Navy officials said. The SH-60 Seahawk helicopter went down about 9:40 p.m. Saturday while attempting to land on the deck of the destroyer USS Paul Hamilton, about 90 miles southwest of San Diego. The helicopter, part of the Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron 49 based in Coronado, was taking part in routine training exercises.
May 8 USN T-39 Gulf o Mexico After a day of searching turned up nothing, the Coast Guard suspended its search for seven people who were aboard two Navy jets that crashed into the Gulf of Mexico during a training mission. Three people were on one plane, four on the other when they went down Wednesday about 40 miles south of Pensacola. Among the victims were two civilians and a Royal Saudi Air Force officer.

May 30
USAF F-16 Arizona, USA A U.S. F-16 fighter jet on a training mission from Luke Air Force Base crashed into the desert Wednesday in southwestern Arizona, base officials said. The pilot ejected safely. Air Force officials said the $20 million jet crashed in late afternoon while practicing basic fighter maneuvers in the Sells, Arizona military operating area. There were no live bombs aboard the aircraft.

Jun 27
USAF A-10 France A U.S. Air Force A10 on a training mission crashed Thursday in a forest in eastern France, killing the pilot, the Air Force said. The plane, a single-seat anti-tank "Warthog," crashed just before 3 p.m. in a forest near the towns of Domptail and Saint-Pierremont, south of the city of Nancy. The Pentagon said the plane was from the 81st Fighter Squadron of the 52nd Fighter Wing, which is based at Spangdahlem Air Base.

Aug 8
USAF C-130 Puerto Rico A U.S. Air Force cargo plane crashed on a Puerto Rican mountaintop with at least 10 military personnel on board. The plane struck a heavily wooded area near the town of Caguas, 20 miles south of San Juan, while flying in rain and fog Wednesday night. The plane was a Hercules C-130 of the Air Force Special Operations and was doing routine landing and takeoff exercises from Roosevelt Roads Naval Station, said Lt. Col. Nicolas Britto, a spokesman for Special Forces Command-South. He said the plane was carrying about 10 military personnel but declined to say which branch they represented.

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